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cropped-4636363458_7dc0756809_b-12.jpgO’BON is a world class stationery company with a whole range of stationery products.

Pencils, Coloured Pencils, Notebooks, Binders and  Pens

Of course, we love them all. In the Pencil range we have

Rainbow, Newprint, Colourful World, Rainbow, Wildlife, Fruit and Endangered Species

We serve these up as 10 pieces or pencils in each box (except Fruit which is 9)  We also have twin pack Wildlife and Endangered Species.  Each have 5 different sets of twin-packs and our beautiful.

O’BON produces three sets of Coloured Pencils:  Wildlife, Fruit and Sea Life.  Each box comes in a set of 12 coloured pencils. They all are stunning.

O’BON produces great notebooks.  These notebooks come in 3 sizes: A4, A5 andA6.  We have also made special notebooks in the US configuration of 81/2 x 11.  Notebooks come in three sets or designs: Sugarcane, Bird Feathers and Fruits.  We use high resolutions images to create stunning images and we use special UV printing on the Fruit Series to give a unique “feel” to the cover.  Amazing.

O’BON also produces binders in a tribute to our special flying friends.  These are stunning and come in both 2 ring or 3 ring.  All materials are environmentally friendly.

O’BON in 2012 developed a biodegradable pen called ink’d.  Ink’d has a great design and many just love the shape and size.  We are extremely happy with the colours of the pens, as we produce 8 tops and 8 bottoms, allowing the customer to choose what they like…they have a total of 64 colour combinations possible.


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O’BON Pencil Review

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Twin-Pack Entertains

6443283899_bcf99ce728_b (2)Few can match the beauty of this pencil, no, let me restate that. No one can match the beauty of the pencils in the Twin-Pack.   The high digital quality of the print is just amazing as you can see the fine hair (fur) of the panda on the pencil.  Looks real as the graphic print on the newspaper pencil is stunning. Continue reading

Our Colored Pencils are Superior

5469023795_df21849cc8_zO’BON has produced incredibly interesting eco colored pencils.  In this box of 12, you will find each pencil has an “animal skin” and this skin matches the color of the pencil.  So, you have orange stripes of the tiger for orange and the black stripes of the zebra for black.  The colors are vibrant and the skin makes these colored pencils just short of amazing.

We have many children who just look an look at the skin designs and smile.  Instead of just having red, black, blue pencils as most pencil makers, O’BON is “something different.”

Our idea is to reject the notion that eco products need to be lifeless or colorless.  We jazz these pencils up to celebrate our environment and our world.

Your kids will love these pencils.  Oh, don’t forget, these pencils are made out of old newspapers…100% recycled.  And, the added advantages of our pencils is that when dropped, the delicate inside color will not break or crack.  This makes our pencils superior.

Want to Join?

join our teamO’BON is always looking for new distributors for its great range of eco-friendly stationery. The steps to join us as a country distributor or a seller of O’BON products is quite easy.

First, read all you can about us and look over this website. Watch our videos and do some looking about us on the web.  We are everywhere.  Then, if you would like to start a discussion with us, write to Mr. Sathish Mohana or Mr. John Davis at their email address (provided at the bottom of the website).

They are going to ask you to what your interest level is and if you have any experience with selling or distributing stationery.  It is fine if you are new, but they would like you to study and do some preliminary research on the stationery business in your country or in your area.  We have a lot of material to send you to help you develop a good business plan, and we can guide you through the process.

There is great satisfaction with working with O’BON.  It is a great time to be involved in eco and green companies, and O’BON is one of the best.  It will be a start to an amazing journey where good profits will meet high job satisfaction.  It is so wonderful that you know you are helping save the planet.

Please write or call and we will begin the discussion.