O’BON is the only recycled stationery company in the world.  We don’t just pay “lip service” to the environmental movement, we are a major player.  O’BON doesn’t just make eco stationery products, we lead with designs, product creativity and packaging excitement.  From the beginning, O’BON has sought to counter the “brown paper bag” environmentalists, and put excitement and energy into our products and packaging.  We want “eco” and “green” to be a movement that excites our customers to keep coming back to our products.  We put quality into each eco product.

O’BON started with pencils, and our first product was our stylish newpaper pencils.

These functional, clean looking pencils highlighted the fact that our pencil broke with 400 years of history in pencil making.  Yes, for 4 centuries pencils have always been made in exactly the same way, a slice of graphite (lead) surrounded or encased in wood.  The problem with wood pencils is that they are made out of trees.  So, to make a pencil, a tree has to die.  Worse than that, whole jungles and diverse forests are cut down to make way for mono-culture of growing thousands of acres of one tree species for the wooden pencils.  Certainly any environmentalists would object to this.

O’BON had a better idea, take old newspaper and wrap it tightly around the graphite. Voila! a new way to make a pencil was born.  Not only was the pencil unique and didn’t destroy trees to make them, there were other benefits that made O’BON pencil superior.  The graphite is wooden pencils is sensitive to shock.  Drop a wooden pencil, and you almost always have a shattered graphite.  This shortens the life of the pencil and is endless frustrating to pencil users as they sharpen and sharpen, but the graphite just isn’t able to work as it is broken inside the encasement.  Low and behold, the O’BON pencil doesn’t have this problem…in fact, it is almost impossible to shatter.  (More on this in another post).


O’BON wanted to offer more than one product, so we expanded our pencils to 6 different designs.  We produced Wildlife, Rainbow, Colourful World, Fruit, Endangered Species and two types of Coloured Pencils…Wildlife Series and Fruit Series. Both of these coloured pencils come in a box of 12.  The growth of our pencil collection also expanded to include twin packs.  The twin pack design was developed in response from our many retail shops requesting a way for their customers to see the pencil designs…therefore, an open package. The twin packs are incredible popular.

O’BON makes stationery, and our customers were asking for notebooks and binders.  As most customers are young and going to school, they wanted more products for their book bag.  We spent a long time making a decision to go with Sugarcane paper as the best alternative to traditional paper.  The advantages of sugarcane paper is that it comes from sugarcane which grows incredible fast, is a natural product and again we are using the left overs of the sugarcane juice which is the main target of growers.  So, we are taking the waste (the sugarcane pulp) and turning it into something useful.  Yes, recycle is the name we insist on putting on to all of our products. And, of course we had to make beautiful designs, otherwise, it wouldn’t be us.