cropped-4636363458_7dc0756809_b-12.jpgO’BON is a world class stationery company with a whole range of stationery products.

Pencils, Coloured Pencils, Notebooks, Binders and  Pens

Of course, we love them all. In the Pencil range we have

Rainbow, Newprint, Colourful World, Rainbow, Wildlife, Fruit and Endangered Species

We serve these up as 10 pieces or pencils in each box (except Fruit which is 9)  We also have twin pack Wildlife and Endangered Species.  Each have 5 different sets of twin-packs and our beautiful.

O’BON produces three sets of Coloured Pencils:  Wildlife, Fruit and Sea Life.  Each box comes in a set of 12 coloured pencils. They all are stunning.

O’BON produces great notebooks.  These notebooks come in 3 sizes: A4, A5 andA6.  We have also made special notebooks in the US configuration of 81/2 x 11.  Notebooks come in three sets or designs: Sugarcane, Bird Feathers and Fruits.  We use high resolutions images to create stunning images and we use special UV printing on the Fruit Series to give a unique “feel” to the cover.  Amazing.

O’BON also produces binders in a tribute to our special flying friends.  These are stunning and come in both 2 ring or 3 ring.  All materials are environmentally friendly.

O’BON in 2012 developed a biodegradable pen called ink’d.  Ink’d has a great design and many just love the shape and size.  We are extremely happy with the colours of the pens, as we produce 8 tops and 8 bottoms, allowing the customer to choose what they like…they have a total of 64 colour combinations possible.


About patriotjohn10

Founder of Nature Based Learning, a nature educational program featuring student-centered learning with exciting challenges and nature problems to solve.

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