6443283899_bcf99ce728_b (2)Few can match the beauty of this pencil, no, let me restate that. No one can match the beauty of the pencils in the Twin-Pack.   The high digital quality of the print is just amazing as you can see the fine hair (fur) of the panda on the pencil.  Looks real as the graphic print on the newspaper pencil is stunning.

The twin-pack hosts lots of animal designs as we have two sets of twin-pack.  We have Wildlife Series and the Endangered Species Series.  Most kids want both. In addition, being O’BON we don’t stop there.  We make the twin pack so that the packaging doubles as a book mark (remember, we are an environmental company), so we build in recycling right into our packaging.  And, who doesn’t need a book mark.

More than that, we give the buyer all kinds of information about each animal depicted.  Yes, you can learn about the habitat, the life and the threats to the Panda.  We want customers to appreciate the beauty of this majestic animal, and appreciate how we all need to try our best to protect it.

And finally, we make this great pencil out of old newspaper.  Newspaper wrapped pencils are actually superior to wood pencils.  I mean, we don’t destroy a tree to make our product, but actually take an existing product, a newspaper, and turn it into a new product.  This is what recycling is all about.  But, wait, there is more.  Turns out these newspaper wrapped pencils are actually better than wood pencils.  When dropped, the wood pencil “lead” (actually graphite) easily breaks as it is fragile.  But our pencils are tightly wrapped.  No breaking of graphite when dropped.  So, the most frustrating aspect of a wood pencil, O’BON has solved.  Our graphite will not shatter when dropped.  Amazing.


About patriotjohn10

Founder of Nature Based Learning, a nature educational program featuring student-centered learning with exciting challenges and nature problems to solve.

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